First of ALL. You have 1\A SSH account to connect to HOST(H). 2\A client(computer–Mac or Windows or Linux). This one called P for proxy client 3\A client(computer–Mac or Windows or Linux, cellphone, xbox360, ps or some device) without SSH but just only proxy. In this example below I called this device C. To using web sock proxy on chrome browser. 4\ P and C in LAN. Okay here we go… P Step 1 Download putty from website whatever you want. Office website here Step 2 Setup your putty 2015-03-13_102409-1 step 2.1 In Session input your ssh account info like HOST IP, port balabalabala etc. step 2.2 (IMPORTANT) In Connection – SSH – Tunnels 2015-03-13_102627 2.2.1 In port forwarding, You MUST choose the first one Local ports accept connections from other hosts. If not, others CANNOT using your ssh tunnel. 2.2.2 Add a port for others connect to your ssh tunnel when they use proxy client. 2.2.3 Pickup Dynamic 2.2.4 Get My local IP. In cmd input ipconfig then ENTER. C 3.1 Settings – Show advanced settings – Network – change proxy settings OR APPLE – System preferences – network Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 11.10.27 Notice that the IP address( is belong to C in LAN. 3.2 Choose you network and clink advanced. Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 10.29.37 In tab proxies. Choose sock proxy. In put the IP address&port of device P. You don’t know what IP should for, recheck step 2.2.4 Port you should recheck step 2.2.1 then finish, it’s a really simple way for share ssh tunnel for other users. Hope like it. Have a nice day. :) EOF.