SVN server shows me an error after Chinese New Year.

Description : Repository UUID ‘f8fe39fa-cc5c-426a-9b6e-de096234f0a1’ doesn’t match expected UUID ‘f3dc4da7-9f31-4e67-aa99-e69c329e4832’ Suggestion : The operation could not be completed.

To fix that issue you need to do those steps below. #1 To check current UUID of you svn repo.

svnlook uuid /path/to/your/svn/repo

It will show you some string like:f8fe39fa-cc5c-426a-9b6e-de096234f0a1 #2 To reset UUID to old one.

svnadmin setuuid /opt/svn/hellomoneyv5/ f3dc4da7-9f31-4e67-aa99-e69c329e4832

#3 Recheck repo’s UUID currently.

svnlook uuid /path/to/your/svn/repo

#4 Synchronise your repo EOF.