Hi to new way to see the world

how much should I pay for it

the answer is only ONE DOLLAR
Let me be clear and follow me step by step

0 Preparation

register your account on google cloudflare and namesilo. Those accounts you will do it by yourself.
if you no know how to, pls goole it.

  • Namesilo for your domain service. For example your domain is codewalker.me.this is the only step you should pay for.
  • Google for virtual machine. Create a vm for you
  • Cloudflare for you CDN service. Set you domain’s name server to Cloudflare.

1 Setup everything

  1. GCP
    1. find you ip address in your new vm on gcp and login it via ssh on your browser.
  2. Namesilo
    1. Login to Namesilo, it will ask you for set your domain name server on it.
  3. Cloudflare
    1. add a A record for example we call blog to your vm‘s ip.

2 Install v2ray on you vm

run this on your vm

sudo -i #change your role as root
bash <(curl -s -L https://git.io/v2ray.sh)

this script will ask you a few questions step by step.

  1. Install or unstaill. Chois 1 for install
  2. Mode for your v2ray important. chois 4 for WebSocket+TLS+Web
  3. type in your domain blog.codewalker.me then it will ask is it readly point to your IP
  4. run v2ray url when everything done. and copy the url like vmess://xxxxxxxx
  5. on your client. For me, I’m using v2rayU. you should add a new configuration.
    I, simon love this world ❤️